Welcome to Freedom Healing Centre! We offer hands-on healing services such as Reiki, Thai Massage, and Bio-Touch, as well as distance energy work and regular on-site meditation circles.

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Healing Circles

Our Healing Circles take place every Saturday evening from 6:30-8pm in Cobble Hill. Click here to register for these events in advance, as space is limited to six participants. Thank you!



Services can be done in person at the Freedom Healing Centre, or you can also book distance Reiki Treatments from anywhere in the world. Please use the following links to book your next appointment with us:

Come experience a guided meditation, intuitive insights, and a gentle Reiki treatment in a group setting. Healing Circles are offered on a regular basis at the Freedom Healing Centre in Cobble Hill and last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of participants.

Pre-registration is required, as our space is limited. You can use the drop-down menu in the online store to choose a date and reserve your spot for an upcoming Healing Circle here.

30-minute foot baths help to gently detoxify and alkalize the body, using a gentle electric current to remove cellular debris and other impurities from your system. Your feet will be submerged in warm, salted water during the treatment, and you’ll be able to listen to soothing music during your session as well.

Ionic Foot Baths are recommended up to 2 times per week for the first 6 weeks, and then weekly or as needed thereafter. Book your treatment online here, and we will contact you to set up a specific time and date for your foot bath. (Discounts are available for multiple sessions purchased in advance.)

Enjoy Traditional Thai Massage treatments on either your feet and calves or neck and shoulders. Thai Massage works on your acupressure points to stimulate circulation and relieve tightness in your joints, muscles, and fascia tissues. Foot treatments use a refreshing essential oil, whereas neck & shoulder massages are done without the use of oil.

You will be fully clothed during a Thai Massage treatment, although it helps to be able to roll up your pants above the knee. Marty infuses his massage treatments with subtle energy work as well, so please feel free to book your next massage appointment online here.

Marty has been practicing Reiki for close to 20 years and is noted for his skill at transmitting this healing energy intuitively. In-person and distance treatments can be booked, and both options are equally effective.

When you book a Reiki session online here, we will contact you to make arrangements for a specific date and time. At that point, we will also confirm whether you’d prefer your treatment to be done in person (in Cobble Hill, BC) or as a distance (surrogate) session.

Combine Thai Massage, Reiki and energy work, and/or Ionic Foot Baths into your preferred treatment experience! Use the drop-down menu in the online store here to select your services, and we will contact you directly to book a day and time for you to come to the Freedom Healing Centre!


About Marty

Marty Machacek is a born healer and gifted spiritual guide. His grounded presence and gentle, heart-filled energy can be sensed by everyone he encounters.

Marty began his healing journey 25 years ago, studying and practicing reiki, sports massage, and Siddha meditation primarily for personal well-being.


In 2001, while hiking in his home country of Czech Republic, he was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme’s Disease—an auto-immune condition that is often called ‘The Great Imitator’, because its symptoms mimic those of other health issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and even syphilis.

Although Marty was treated promptly and effectively at the time with antibiotics, his strain of Lyme’s proved to be resistant and chronic.

He began exploring and learning many other alternative healing modalities, including shamanism, aromatherapy, dietary changes, yoga, and eventually Bio-Touch and Thai Massage.


He benefited enormously from a holistic approach to his own healing, although he still chose to share his growing wealth of intuitive healing practices only with a circle of close family and friends.

Hands-on healing was placed on the back burner for more than a decade, at least in the professional and public sense. For the past 15 years, Marty healed others in a much different sense, pouring his creative energy and inspiration into a thriving art business, Martycultural Art. As a visionary painter and talented renderer, Marty channeled divine energy and uplifting vibrations into a distinctive style of art, which was warmly received by thousands and brought smiles to faces around the world.

Marty truly believed that he was living his true soul purpose by creating artwork. However, several years ago, his body began exhibiting symptoms of dis-ease once again, signalling him to move in a different direction. Recently, he honoured the call of his body and soul, committing to resurrect his healing practices and to offer them more widely now for the benefit of all.

Marty’s healing treatments and energy work blend several distinct modalities into a unique therapeutic experience.

He intuitively combines elements of massage, reiki, Bio-Touch, and even shamanism into his sessions, customizing the treatments for every client he works with.


His work is experienced as deeply relaxing, gentle, and beautifully life-affirming for everyone.


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