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Online video counselling can provide you with the information, support, and clarity you need to feel secure, grounded, & healed.

You can visit your psychotherapist from home, holidays, and any other time and place that works for you. Online video counselling is an affordable and convenient way to see a psychotherapist near you.

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The Cost of Online Video Counselling | An Affordable Alternative

Online video counselling can be less expensive than face-to-face counselling. This makes video counselling a convenient and cost effective therapy.

Fees for Online Video Session

  • Please ask about sliding scale rates when you inquire about your appointment. Regular fees for appointments are found on the bookings page.

What Can I Heal with Online Video Counselling?

You can heal anything that you would address in person therapy for in a video counselling session. Anxiety treatment, depression therapy, grief counselling, and trauma treatment are all available psychotherapy options offered by video counselling.

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Preparing for Your Video Counselling Therapy Session

After you’ve booked your session, I will provide you with details to access the private virtual waiting room. All you need to do is login at the arranged time, and I will give you a call.

I recommend that you prepare a cup of tea, and maybe some tissues for your session 🙂 Some people like to have a journal and pen ready in case they want to take notes or explore some insights after the session is complete.

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