Spiritual Trauma Counselling

Whether healing from complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) or single event trauma (PTSD), trauma treatment should work holistically. Traumatic events & experiences are recorded by the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and sometimes the spiritual body as well.

A good quality trauma treatment should address all the levels on which trauma has been recorded. When healing from trauma, it is essential to include the body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the healing process.

How Spiritual Trauma Counselling Works

The experience of a traumatic events are stored within the body as packages of information as energy.

This information consists of the energy of thoughts, emotions, and physical stress/autonomic energy (the electro-chemical fight or flight response). The body stores this information, which can include:

  • Emotions like overwhelm, panic, sadness, unworthiness
  • Instinctive energy like the urge to run, hide, fight, freeze for example
  • Thoughts like “I am not good enough” “nobody loves me” “I am alone”

These energies bundle together to create stable blocks and repeating negative patterns in your life. This information which is in effect a bundle of energy patterns can lead to ongoing problems in life for example anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleep problems, physical ailments.

Trauma treatment should address all of these elements in order to effectively resolve and heal traumatic experiences (complete them).

Healing Trauma Spiritually

A combination method of psychotherapeutic methodologies and energy healing are applied to help you complete and resolve trauma cycles and heal trauma spiritually.

Traumatic events can be from this life, past lives, inherited from ancestors, or from a traumatised collective. Regardless of the source of the trauma, unhealed trauma can influence your individual emotional, physical and spiritual wellness today.

Whether trauma healing is called for as a result of your personal experiences, or inherited from ancestors (often both), you have permission to heal the trauma.

Whatever exists in your inner life, is within your jurisdiction and right to heal. Spiritual trauma counselling can assist you to heal trauma and release it from your body, psyche, spirit and life for good.

The Goal of Spiritual Trauma Counselling

Painful emotions are valid and understandable responses to painful experiences. Spiritual trauma counselling works with emotional wounds through psychotherapy, inner child work, trauma release/processing techniques in order to heal the psyche, ego, and inner child completely.

What makes spiritual trauma counselling unique from conventional trauma treatment is its recognition of the soul’s journey and soul healing. Spiritual trauma counselling acknowledges the spirit level in the healing process, and aims to support the one healing to become psychologically healed and spiritually realised.

The experiences that we have as incarnated beings can often be challenging, painful, confusing. Healing painful states and woundings can be thought of as lessons for the soul, while the unhealed states act as blocks and barriers to our spiritual nature.

For example, childhood abuse can cause emotional and spiritual pain. This kind of pain is difficult to bare, and feelings of powerlessness, anger, hatred can naturally emerge from the wounds.

When negative energies become blocked inside of a person due to incomplete traumatic events, and unhealed emotional wounds, these energies eventually become toxic to the entire being who may lose touch with their soul level as a result.

trauma therapy sydney spiritual trauma counselling

Spiritual Trauma Counselling is multi-dimensional. Our consciousness is not limited to the physical time and place in which we find our bodies. Consciousness can fragment, leaving some aspects frozen in another time and place.

This can lead to feelings of incompleteness, underdevelopment, and inexplicable or intense emotional reactions to specific people, objects, circumstances.

The conscious mind is limited, while the subconscious mind is aware of our spiritual aspect, soul history, and emotional wounds. Although our conscious mind may not be able to identify why we can’t resolve a certain problem, the subconscious mind is well aware of why, what, how, and where our challenges are rooted.

The subconscious mind is in communication with your spirit level. Healing from trauma spiritually will help you to restore conscious connection with your spirit, allowing you to feel well placed again.

Some things that you can expect from Spiritual Trauma Counselling

  • Spiritual psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, developmental wounds and trauma
  • Grounding work
  • Inner Child Work, Shadow Work
  • Trauma release techniques and processing
  • Access and communicate with higher levels of your individual consciousness
  • Energy Healing
  • Release and resolve karmic complexes and karmic trauma
  • Healing ancestral trauma and inter-generational trauma
  • Ancestral Trauma: Unresolved traumas of your genetic lineage (eg: maternal ancestry or paternal ancestry)
  • Karmic Trauma: Your unresolved incarnational traumas of past lives

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When is Spiritual Trauma Counselling Helpful?

An experience becomes a trauma when the impact of the experience stays active and unresolved as an incomplete trauma cycle. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual injury stays intact and blocks recovery.

Years after an event, the same energies can continue to activate as panic, depression, emotional stress/roller coaster/flatness, and inexplicable triggers.

This occurs when the still active energy and incomplete trauma cycle is activated in the new environment, even though the traumatising experiences as no longer in physical space and time.

A traumatic experience remains incomplete, when the person experiencing the event was unable to process it. They felt powerless, overwhelmed, confused, disconnected, rageful, helpless for example and had no solution to the challenging event. The event therefore remains as a trauma in the psyche, body, and sometimes even the spirit. This can lead to feeling chronically powerless, fearful, angry, and/or disconnected from life.

Spiritual trauma counselling firstly is trauma therapy, which helps you to complete the trauma cycles and heal psychologically by addressing the physical, emotional, mental energies of a traumatic event.