Should I Heal? Not everyone feels ready to heal. When it’s time, you will have an inner sense that you want to work something out, and that something needs to change.

Can I Heal? You are self-healing. In the same way that an infection will stop the body from closing a wound; certain life experiences block emotional, mental, and spiritual healing from occurring spontaneously. What I do is guide you to bring blocks and wounds to healing and resolution.

What Happened to Me? By making itself known to you as psychological pain, the so called “disorders” “diagnoses” “issues” are parts of you calling for healing. This is true about depression, addiction, anxiety, loneliness, panic, numbness. These states are the net result of the solutions you found in difficult times. In the past, the only solution you had was to suppress, disown, and adapt yourself in order to survive. These solutions linger on today and cause pain, inner conflict, and loss of your true identity.

The False Self – You are Not Who You Think You Are The false self is the personality that you created to protect yourself from psychological and physical harm. It is a survival personality, shaped through developmental traumas and social conditioning, It is not who you really are – it’s who you had to be.

What is Developmental Trauma? Developmental trauma is a wound in the development of your identity. It is an injury to the neurological, psychological, and spiritual parts of you. When left unhealed, developmental trauma manifests as symptoms of depression, anxiety, feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness, fear, anger, or fatigue. This is because the wounds distort you true identity, and cause you to see, feel, and act in a way that is against your true nature. To heal developmental trauma is to restore your authentic identity.

What is Healing?

Healing is the process of transmuting emotional, mental, and spiritual injuries from your consciousness. These injuries can take shape shape as blocks, distortions, deficits, conflicts, and disconnection. To resolve and heal these interference patterns is to restore your authentic self. In doing so, you recover your position as the creator of your preferred future.

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