Egret Symbolism (SPiritual Meaning of the Egret) Spirit of the Egret || Animal Totem Messages || Symbolic Meaning of Egret Egret bird of silence and contemplation, focus. earth bound water bound bird. Free to choose and holy in its unity, as in on its own. Ownership of the soul, and conceding ownership with the greater Spirit of Life. Able to fly … Continue reading Egret Symbolism (SPiritual Meaning of the Egret)

Essentials of Inner Child Work (Healing the Inner Child)

What is Inner Child Work The most common misconception about inner child work, is that there is only ONE inner child. The fact is, that we are chock full of dozens, if not hundreds of inner children. It is called inner child work, because we are working with fragments of the childhood psyche - little … Continue reading Essentials of Inner Child Work (Healing the Inner Child)

Spirit Animal Messages | Horse Totem Wild and free, sensitive and pure. The Spirit of the Horse is a message to hold true to the essence of your spirit. If you’re not sure what that is, the work is to purify and initiate the process and practices of returning to your true nature. Quick to react, horse spirit will disengage … Continue reading Spirit Animal Messages | Horse Totem

Healing Boundaries (Gaslighting) If some people are in the situation where they know what their boundaries are they know what they want but they're challenged to speak their truth there's a category of us that are struggling with the challenge coming right before this which is recognizing what those boundaries are so you might not like something … Continue reading Healing Boundaries (Gaslighting)

Healing Judgement with Love Judgment… Who can atone? who's better, who's found, who is?Judgment's toll chips away at the decency, at the wholesomeness of being.How to meet judgment as separate from the being who speaks harsh words or makes harsh criticisms of himself or of other people.However we choose to see life, however we are able to see … Continue reading Healing Judgement with Love

Healing Self-Doubt 🪷 With a spiritual look also How to Heal Self-Doubt...not always an easy path, and the earlier in the process you are to healing self-doubt the more challenging it can be, for lack of experience and internal resources to trust your own guidance and judgement. But there is hope and great potential for you to achieve the sometimes impossible feeling … Continue reading Healing Self-Doubt 🪷 With a spiritual look also

Soul Level Healing watch 🪷 Soul Growth || Soul Level Healing || Incarnational & Karmic Healing 🪷 probably you will find that if you've already been path for quite some time, maybe you didn't language it quite this way or recognize how deep of a healing you are actually having… The soul is different from the Energy … Continue reading Soul Level Healing