You look for the reason, but can’t find the problem… If you’ve ever felt unwanted, and are tired of friends and family telling you that “it’s all in your head,” but you can’t change your mind, the problem is not what you think. This is the thing about having a subconscious! We know how we feel, but not always why. When we are very young, our memory is stored as emotion – not as story. We remember how we felt, but may not always be able to remember why. These feelings can be a filter on our present day life. Somewhere in the past, it could be that you felt unwanted and today remember that feeling but can’t place it.

For the most part, we process life with logic. When we were very young, things were different. We experienced life through felt sense. We were very in tune with our bodies, our emotions, and the way that life felt.

In other words, our memories from early life are stored as feeling. Not as story. As we grow up, the way that we experience the world shifts from ‘feeling it’ to ‘thinking it.’

This becomes REALLY important when you can’t figure out why you feel unwanted, defeated, or oppressed on a daily basis. If people keep saying to you ‘it’s all in your head’ but you can’t change the way that you think, or stop the way that you feel – you may have emotional memory telling you otherwise.

Somewhere in the past, it could be that you felt unwanted. Today, you can remember the feeling AND you can’t place it.

When our teacher humiliated us, or our parents criticized us, or our friends rejected us – we remember how it felt. And that feeling was registered, like a stamp making an impression in soft clay.

Today, we can’t access the memory, because we are looking for it in our thoughts. It’s actually stored in our body, in the subconscious, the emotional body – and it filters daily life like a colour gel on a stage light. Everything feels like rejection, because the feeling of rejection is stored inside.

This is the problem with having a subconscious! It holds onto what we lived, as it felt to live it, until we go back and heal it. The good news is that everything can be healed.

You can shape your inner world. Like driving a car, or cleaning a house, you can work with it. Your subconscious is shapeable as you want it to be, the trick is to understand what your subconscious is telling you, and to master yourself as its guide.

(PS…a bit excited about this: When we learn how to feel our emotions, we restore the balance between our left brain (logic and ‘bits of the picture’) and right brain (emotions and ‘whole’ picture). Natural and free flowing creativity sky rockets! Restoring this balance is all about healing the early life wounds that separated our minds from our emotions.

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