Healing Judgement with Love


Who can atone? who’s better, who’s found, who is?
Judgment’s toll chips away at the decency, at the wholesomeness of being.
How to meet judgment as separate from the being who speaks harsh words or makes harsh criticisms of himself or of other people.
However we choose to see life, however we are able to see life -whichever facets of life we can comprehend, and the ones we do not… be in awe. Be in all the life that emerges in your eyes, in tone with the life that emerges in your eyes, and be as one in tone with the sounds that emerge from your own soul.
Hear the notes, and tend to them, tend. Everyone’s consciousness[awareness] is a different multi-faceted prism. We all benefit from a different experience. Well lived experiences are formative to the structure of our being.
There is no one way, one food, one belief. There is simply The way, for that One. We each find our own way. We are each our own way. It’s incomprehensible, incomprehensible. A life with all of its nuances and structures, why something is this way or that way, why someone is this way or that way; and is it good or is it bad? How can the complexity be judged across not only this one moment but across all time how everything changes… how everything changes, and how can you sort that out? Take stock take inventory, be honest [Music] be honest about yourself above all. How healthy is your truth? How does the candle burn? To take cues from the inside, to purify your inner life so that your cues are clear, and more clearly from the voice of your own path. This voice is the incentive the resonance the calling of your own structure, sense what it is and also where it deviates? How to run with it, where it wants to develop, how it wants to develop, and that Gap – that space, that difference; is the signal that moves Your personal growth. How the mountains are whittled down into pebbles. These Pebbles are all of this mountain, each now a part of their own;
The history of your soul, memories are lost but not forgotten. [Music] the history of your ancestry, where the roots begin. Where is home? Ask inside, stop searching out, there don’t search out there for your home. You are home already exactly where and as you are. Feel the difference, feel the Gap. You have and will always Be. Take care of your home, make it into your own lighted house.

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