How to practice energy healing: a short guide

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Energetic Protection

Instructions to clear negative energy blocks, incoherent, and negative energy

Heal your intuition

Clear energy blocks (astral, etheric, psychological)

Connect with your true heart and activate your inner knowledge and spiritual sight

How to raise your vibration

Energy Healing Techniques & information to heal your personal energies.

Work with energy to free yourself from entities, negative thoughts and emotions, foreign energies, and karmic wounds.

Learn how to heal your energies, clear negative energy, clear emotional blocks, and other destructive interference independently

Metaphysical Healing Toolkit


  • Everything is Energy………………………………………………………..….5
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing………………………………………………..….6
  • What is Healing………………………………………………………….………………..6
  • Healing with Energy………………………………………………………………7
  • Different Methods of Healing……………………………………………8
  • Multi-Dimensional Energy & Consciousness……………………………… 10
  • Sensing Subtle Energy………………………………………………………………11
  • Activating Multi-Dimensional Awareness…………………..……………11
  • Healing Your Intuition……………………………………………………………11
  • Channels of Subtle Energy………………………………………………12
  • What is Energy………………………………………………………………17
  • Multi-Dimensional Anatomy…………………………………………………………18
  • Physical Body……………………………………………………………………………18
  • Etheric Body………………………………………………………………………18
  • Emotional Body…………………………………………………………………………18
  • Mental Body…………………………………………………………………19
  • Astral Body……………………………………………………………………………19
  • Heart Consciousness………………………………………………………………20
  • Multi-Dimensional Brain, Body & Consciousness……………………………21
  • Every Moment is Energy…………………………………..………………………22
  • Different Kinds of Energy Matrices………………………………………23
  • Memories………………………………………………………………………………23
  • Energy Transfer………………………………………………………………………24
  • Thoughts and Emotions……………………………………………………………25
  • Ancestral Memory…………………………………………………………………29
  • Entities…………………………………………………………………………………30
  • Karmic Memory………………………………………………………………………31
  • Collective Fields of Energy…………………………………………………………32
  • The Energy Pattern of Your Soul………………………………………………33
  • Raising Your Vibration………………………………………………………33
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing for Developmental Trauma (Complex PTSD) ……………………………………………………35

How to Heal with Energy


Quantum physics will explain that 93% of the universe is made of energy and only 7% of it is made of particles.

After all is said and done, particles are simply concentrated (a denser form) of energy.

The physical world that we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear (including peo-ple!) represents only 7% of the total show.

The material world is just a shadow of the energetic one.

Your thoughts are energy, your emotions are energy, your body is energy, your memories are energy. Everything is energy. Since everything is energy, the skill of energy work is the key to healing.

Every action that you take, everythought that you think, every emotion that you feel, every memory that you carry is energy, and it transforms your personal energies on one dimension or another.

You are a multi-dimensional energy pattern. Whether you are working with etheric energy, emotional energy, mental energy, astral energy, or spiritual energy from this life or past lives, all healing work is energy work, because everything is energy.


As healing accelerates, your vibration goes up, your clarity increases, and your consciousness expands.

You will feel more grounded, whole, and complete.

Multi-dimensional healing takes place across the many layers (dimensions) of your being. This includes your present, past, and future lives.

In addition to your energy system (for example auric field and energy centres) your soul’s history, developmental history, ancestral history, and collective history are all part of you.

These parts of you are all energies, and they exist on different “dimensions” of your consciousness.

All of your experiences are energy, and all of your energy can be healed. Whether you are healing childhood wounds, becoming an energy healer, expanding your spiritual awareness, or creating an authentic life, you will need to work with energy because that is all there is.



Healing is putting the energy of your identity back together into one, whole consciousness.


Healing can involve dissolving negative energies (for example entities, or negative thought pat-

terns) into harmless forms or transmuting them into dust so that there are no more distortions embedded within your personal energy and identity.


Energy can be toxic to life, or it can support life. Healing is the process of transforming your energy so that it easily promotes your life.


You are a multi-dimensional being of energy and consciousness. Your energy and consciousness includes many layers, and spans time and space.

Karmic trauma, karmic illness, ancestral trauma, developmental trauma, negative and positive energy patterns, all remain encoded in your energies until you transform them with healing work. This includes working with energies.

Blocks and wounds in your personal energies can get in the way of feeling whole, grounded, and complete. Feelings of anxiety, depression, burdens and problems that seem to never resolve can be the result of wounds and blocks from this life, or from another life.

Difficulties in life can even be the result of another person’s choices and energy (for example your greatgrandmother!). The root cause of your difficulties may be in your astral field or in your etheric field, and these issues can stem from another time and place. But don’t worry, everything can be healed!

Can You Heal with Energy?

Energy work is available to all human beings by virtue of their consciousness. You can transform any energy that you can consciously connect with.

In the same way that you can command and coordinate your body to tie your shoelace, you can command your

consciousness to work with your etheric, emotional, astral, mental, and spiritual energies.

All healing involves working with energy, the question is what kind of energy, and what kind of healing. Different healing methods work on a different part of your energy system. Your mind, body, spirit is the common denominator.

Energy Healing Techniques

Should you practice Inner child work? Shadow work? Shamanic Journey? Regression Therapy? Soul Retrieval? Reiki? Psychologist? Homeopathy? Sound Healing? Energy Healing? Crystals? EFT? Meditation? Dowsing?

If you are multi-dimensionally aware, extra-sensory, psychic, intuitive, empathic, spiritual, and/or conscious, your awareness is multi-dimensional. Healing should be multi-dimensional as well. There are many different methods of healing and energy work, and you will need the right tool for the right job.

At different stages of your healing, you may need a different tool or method, to address aparticular aspect of your multi-dimensional being.

  • Acupuncture works with the meridian system(etheric/morphogenetic energy) of your energy system and can help to relieve stress, blocks, and imbalances on the etheric level.
  • Meditation can help you to access certain states of consciousness that can accelerate your healing overall.
  • Inner child work heals the wounded self, and clears the corresponding negative energies,blocks, and unwanted patterns of daily life. Inner child work, shadow work, and soul retrieval usually work with the dimensions up to and including the fourth dimension (astral plane).
  • Inner child work is the process of locating the memories where we were emotionally wounded as children, and doing healing work with that part of our consciousness. This enables us to resolve the energetic imprint of the memory, restore our authentic identity, and heal the emotional wounds of our inner children, so that they stop running our lives when triggered.
  • If you are experiencing a chronic negative pattern in life, or have done inner child work to the nines and are still stuck in a block, then karmic healing or ancestral healing may be in order.
  • To clear your fields from emotional pollution or mental blocks then a combination of energy healing and psychotherapeutic work may work well for you.
  • If you have experienced a sudden change in mood, or struggle to change thought patterns of negative emotions you may need to clear an entity or some form of negative influence with energy work on any dimension.
  • Shadow work is the process of working with subconscious material that is unsavoury or dark (repressed) and is an example of healing work designed to expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness by bridging your conscious and unconscious awareness.
  • Soul retrieval and regression therapy can include inner child work and shadow work, and deal with the energy and wounds of a past life. Soul Retrieval is a kind of timeline therapy. Soul retrieval therapy is about accessing the aspects of your soul’s consciousness that are trapped in moments of trauma. This can include moments from this life, and from past lives.
  • Recurring and out-of-context intense situations may indicate ancestral wounds or a karmic knot.
  • On the physical plane, the human body is an electro-chemical battery. The body stores electrical information about traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences are often charged with autonomic energy. This is the electrical energy of your body that your nervous system generates in order to “fight or flight.” When we are traumatised, this energy is blocked inside the body. This can lead to illness and physical disease because the body is frozen in a toxic state. Trauma release therapy should include work with the consciousness of the physical body and other dimensions of your consciousness that have been affected.


We are multi-dimensional beings. This means that we are created from multiple layers of energy. Each layer has its own properties, function, and ‘language.’

Each one of our energy fields is often referred to as a dimension, subtle body, or auric field, with a corresponding main energy centre, and level of consciousness.

Energy centres, often referred to by their Vedic terminology as “chakras” are also part of your multi-dimensional energy system, as well as other energy vortices. (Any places where two energy lines cross creates a vortex).

Human beings are electro-chemical batteries, and the cells of our body hold an electrical potential. The chakras of vedic philosophy correspond to nerve plexi in the body, which correspond to places of increased electrical activity.

The brain and heart are very important organs of electrical activity. This indicates that these physical places are in contact with energies. They are receiving, processing, and transmitting plenty of information.

Our subtle bodies (auric fields) receive and store information. This stored information is the target of energy healing, and even includes the information that psychotherapist work with, like emotions and thoughts.

The most dense and familiar layer of your multi-layered being is the physical body. Your physical body is the 7% particle form of the 93% energy of your personal frequencies, vibrations, and fields. The energies of a ‘higher dimension’ surround and permeate the energies of lower dimensions.

You can visualise your energy bodies as layers of energy that surround you in an egg shape. The layers are nested within each other, so the field above contains all the information of the fields below it.

These energies permeate each other, and synthesize to give you the experience of “You.” If any of these fields contain an energy pattern that is destructive (toxic to life), it can be said that the pattern is incoherent, and this needs to be cleared and healed.

Emotional energy/information is different from mental/thought based information. The energy of your etheric subtle body is different from the energy of your astral subtle body.

We can access the different layers of energy by tuning into them with our consciousness. By seating your consciousness in the astral level for example, you can see the energies including and up to the astral plane.

Raising your consciousness allows you to raise your vibration and ‘dial in’ to the higher and increasingly complex planes of the reality field and your inner planes.

Raising your vibration involves healing and clearing work, so that you can rid yourself of lower vibrating thoughts, memories, deeds, and emotions that can anchor your vibration.

Click here to learn more about the subtle bodies and what is the human aura.


Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere change? That happened because you sensed the different energies in the new space.

Energy waves are all around you, even your physical surroundings are energy.

We are constantly receiving signals (energy waves), and then transforming these signals into information. Our sensory organs (eyes, ears, taste buds, eardrums, skin) receive information about our surroundings in the form of energy waves.

The heart is also a sensory organ of energy. It even has neurons in it, and so do the intestines. Information about the energies around us is carried as electrical impulses along our nerves, into the brain, and decoded into something that the mind can understand.

Not all information/energy is electromagnetic however. Higher states of consciousness involve participation with scalar energy. The world that we experience represents the energies that we have translated from our surrounding.



Intuition is a form of intelligence. It is your way of sensing subtle energy and information. Intuition is the intelligence that processes and is aware of this type of information. Intuition can become distorted. When the messages of intution are disrupted by trauma, conditioning, and fears an insecurities..

If you can tune into it, you can work with it. You can transform anything that you can become aware of.

In the same way that you can tie your shoelaces by making your hands move in a coordinated way, you can command your consciousness to transform subtle energies.

Chances are that you are connecting with energies more often than you realise. The trick is to get conscious of it so that you can work with the energies directly.

Energy can be purified, exalted, restored, healed, transmuted, and neutralised. When you tune your focus into your physical body, you become aware of where in space it is, if it is hot, cold, hungry, in pain, relaxed – and you can do something about it.

You can tune your consciousness onto your emotions and work with them, and you can also tune your consciousness upon your thoughts. You can also tune your consciousness out of these frequencies. The same thing happens with subtle energies.


Everyone has the capacity to sense sub-tle energies. The higher your vibra-tion, the more able you are to reach in-formation from high-er dimensions of the reality field.

Most of us are al-ready well equipped to sense the subtle energies up to and including the astral level (you are doing it all the time, you just don’t realise!) Moving through the astral realm into the mental and spiritual realms is the challenge of many spiritual seekers.

All the channels of subtle information are all available to everyone, although some of us may prefer one or two of these channels, and some channels may be more strongly developed than others. By skilling yourself in more than one mode, you can create a more complete view of the subtle planes.


Clairsentience is the ability to feel subtle energies as sensations in your body. You may have noticed that you are more sensitive to your environment than others, for example loud music, sudden noise, aggressive music, or crowded rooms activate your nervous system beyond your comfort zone.

When you move from environment to environment, you will be able to sense the different energies around you as the sensations activating in your body change accordingly. To master this channel, it can help to make connections between the energies that you sense and your immediate surroundings.

For example, if you feel an emotion from a self-aware person and ask them if they were feeling what you sensed, you can start to refine your skills. You may also notice that around the same objects, places, you can start to build reference points for what the different sensations mean. Developing the other channels can help you to discern even further.

For example, claircognisance can help you to ‘know’ what the energies mean right off the bat, and clairvoyance can help you to see the energies in your mind’s eye.

Learning to stay grounded and connected with your personal energies can help to stay centered, and is part of learning how to navigate clairsentience well. (What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours).

Empaths are most often clairsentient, being able to sense the emotions of other people activating in their own bodies.

Many people who had challenging childhoods have activated clairsentience. If that sounds familiar, this skill often helped you to stay safe by sensing danger ahead of time, especially when staying safe meant being able to sense the moods of people around you.



Claircognisance is the ability to directly ‘know’ information. This information arrives from the subtle planes, through the crown centre positioned at the crown of the head, as instant and direct knowing.

Claircognisance feels like an instant knowing, or a sudden download of information. The energies of the subtle field (non-locality) and your higher consciousness are connected and communicating.

Your mind is instantly translating this information to you. When you know something claircognisantly, you have not engaged in a rational intellectual process to get this information, and it has not been infused with your emotional field either. Claircognisance is not the same as a ‘subtle feeling’ of something being right or wrong for you. There is no sensation in claircognisance.

An example of claircognisance is having a sudden understanding that an event has taken place that you need to do (or not do) a particular thing, becoming suddenly aware of someone’s circumstances, or information about an upcoming event.



Clairvoyance is the ability to see subtle energies. For most people, this sight occurs on the inner planes in the mind’s eye. Clairvoyance can come along with claircognisance when the information is paired with visual details like seeing scenes, people, or symbolic objects.

Clairvoyance is often paired with clairsentience once the brain learns to translate the sensed energies into visual information. In this case when you sense an energy (for example and entity, or a person’s auric field) it will start to appear as visual information in the mind’s eye as well. This comes with practice as you learn to translate the energies into visual information.

If your mind is very active with thoughts, pre-conceived notions, or subconscious beliefs your ability to discern subtle energy clearly will be affected by this. If there are many emotional energy patterns in your auric field, your vision will be distorted by these energy patterns as well.

This is like seeing through to the bottom of a clear and still pond to the rocks below vs seeing the rocks below through turbulent and muddy water.



Clairaudience is the ability to hear extra-sensorily. There is a limited range of vibrational information that the physical ears can register. Clairaudience is the ability to hear subtle energies with the “inner” ear (as opposed to the physical ear that interprets physical vibration into sound).

Subtle energies are received by your energy system and consciousness, and the energies are translated audiently by the inner (non-physical) ear – the sound feels like it is coming from inside of you. What you are hearing is the vibration of subtle energies.

You may be able to “hear” the sounds of different frequencies like the energy pattern of people’s auric fields, emotions, objects. Like all of these abilities, this extra-sensory channel is not limited to energies that are in the immediate physical environment. You may be able to hear energies from a distance.



Energy is a wave. A wave is a carrier of information. Energy is a package of information.

When energy waves combine, they become a field of energy or information. The world around you is a field of information. This is also known as a hologram.

The reality field is a conscious, organised, non-local, infinite body of waves, vibrations, and fields, and so are you.

You can expand your consciousness into a field of energy, and decode the information of the energy.

We do this all the time with the physical world that we see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. For example, when you perceive a colour, you are using your eyes, nervous system, brain, and mind to decode information about the frequency of a wave.

When you feel the texture of a fabric, you are decoding the energies that create the fabric, and translating them into meaningful information, such as “soft” or “itchy.”

We do this with other kinds of energy as well. For example when you tune into your emotions, you are decoding the information in the emotional field.



The physical body has its own consciousness. Every cell has its own intelligence, as does every organ, organ system, and finally your whole body.

When the cells combine to express an organ, the organ has a consciousness that encompasses the cells. When the organs are part of an organ system, the organ system has its own consciousness.

We can communicate with the consciousness of the body, its organs and cells, and physical pain to learn about where the pain comes from and how to heal it.



  • In a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Allow your body to relax and your mind to relax with a few more breathes.
  • When you are ready, allow your awareness to connect with the pain point in your physical body.
  • Imagine the place like a sponge and your consciousness filling the space like water.
  • Your consciousness is now connected with the place you want to communicate with.

What do you see, sense, hear, or feel coming from this pain point? You can follow the prompts, or you can ask questions about the root cause of the pain, and what needs to be done for your body to heal.

PS Many women suppress their emotions into their wombs, or reject and ignore their wombs altogether. Communication with the womb can reveal how you have been dealing with your emotions, navigating being a woman in the modern world, and giving and receiving love, for example.

METHOD 2: AUTOMATIC WRITING With a pen and paper in hand, repeat the relaxation and connection steps outlined above.

Rather than communicating with what you see, sense, hear, or feel – visualise that your consciousness is becoming the pain point, or organ. Practice being in the receptive mode, and allow your pen to starting moving as if you are the consciousness that you have just merged with. Allow it to communicate its message, remember that it is the energy and information that you need.


The etheric field contains life force energy. It is the matrix of energy that is most vibrationally like the physical body. Its energy is sometimes referred to as Chi, Qi, Prana, and Orgone. The field itself is sometimes called the morphogenetic field, the bio-energetic field, the etheric twin, and the meridian system.


Next comes the emotional body. This is a layer of the auric field that corresponds to, is made up of, communicates with, and contains the energy of emotion. Emotional consciousness is not the same as heart consciousness.


The mental field is the next layer of the energy system. This level interacts with mental energy, for example thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. The mental field is higher in vibration than the emotional field. Therefore, if you raise your vibration to the level of the mental field, you will be able to experience the information in the mental field and below in the emotional field, etheric field, and physical plane.

You have probably experienced how your thoughts can direct your emotions and how when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotion, it can become tricky to think clearly. That is because your consciousness (awareness) has lost its connecting with the mental body, and slipped into the emotional body below it.

There is a lower and higher mind. The lower mind corresponds to ego awareness. The higher mind corresponds to the souls’ consciousness. The higher mind sits above the level of the astral body in terms of its vibration.


What is the Astral Twin and Astral Projection

The astral body corresponds to the 4th dimension of your energy system and the heart chakra. It is the next layer following the ego personality. This is an important area because it acts like a “bridge zone”next layer following the ego personality. This is an important area because it acts like a “bridge zone” between ego consciousness and soul consciousness.

Crossing the astral plane is a challenging healing journey. Once accomplished, you will be able to perceive the astral plane from the mental plane, and things will be much more clear. You can also turnyour attention to the spiritual plane, and begin activating higher levels of consciousness and therefore read subtle energies beyond the astral plane.

Shamanic journey, inner work, shadow work, and soul retrieval often occur at this level. This is the field of energy where consciousness is given the chance to transcend duality and experience a higher awareness.


The Heart Consciousness is a higher vibrating consciousness than that of the heart chakra. The heart chakra corresponds to the astral plane and the 4th dimension. The Heart Consciousness corresponds to the 8th dimension and the thymus gland. This heart is the seat of intelligence that works with scalar energy.

When all the energies of the astral body and heart chakra are purified, you will notice that you have a new state of consciousness available to you that is absent of duality and encompasses self-sovereignty. This is the level of the “Monad” (The blueprint of your original consciousness) and the original program of your soul.

Once activated, the energy from this heart can purify and heal pathological energy patterns of etheric, astral, and mental entities, as well as other impurities that exist in these planes quite easily.

Your original consciousness expresses itself as incentives from your true heart. The information that comes to you from your true heart is an indication of how you can correct your energies, unfold your consciousness, and express your natural identity.


Connecting with heart consciousness starts with the Heros’ Journey – This is the journey across the astral plane. Healing emotional wounds, incarnational wounds, and ancestral wounds are all part of this travel. You can fuel the journey and support your connection with your true heart by making a daily practice of connecting with your heart.


Place your hands on your heart, with the right hand below the left. Join the left pink with the right index finger. Keep your left thumb flush against your left index finger, and your right thumb connected to the fingertips of your left hand.

From here, close your eyes, connect with your heart, and just breathe. Your hands are energetically connected with your heart, and placing them in this way creates a circuit that will amplify your heart energy. This can help to clear negative energies and balance your own.


Our brains are divided down the middle by a deep groove called the medial longitudinal fissure. On either side of this groove we have the left and right hemispheres.

The left hemisphere represents 7 % of our total mental activity. This hemisphere corresponds with linear and logical thought. It’s what we think of as the ‘rational’ brain. When using the ‘left brain’ consciousness, we think analytically, divide information into categories, and think in a polarized way. It is the part of our thinking that corresponds to conscious awareness.

The right hemisphere corresponds to whole(holistic) understanding, abstract information (which means multi-dimensional information), and creative, non-linear ways of working with information. This is also the aspect of our mind that corresponds to the subconscious, and comprises 93% of mental activity.

The subconscious mind is connected with the heart and always aware of the subtle energies. However, we are not always consciously aware of what the right brain and heart are picking up on. The left brain acts as a filter between our conscious and unconscious awareness. When hypnosis works, it is because the left brain and conscious mind have been successfully bypassed, and the subconscious mind re-programmed.

Throughout our lives, we are trained to use the rational left-brain mode of consciousness to gather information from our surroundings.

We favour the left brain as a matter of conditioning. When we are educated in school, information is conveyed in a logical manner, memorization is emphasized, and knowledge is given. Although left brain functioning is a very useful tool, there is a tendency for us to overuse this mode at the expense of the abilities of the right brain.

As previously mentioned, the universe is only 7% particle. The rest of it is made of energy that is more refined, more complex, and less dense than the concentrated energy that we know as matter.

This means that in order to connect with the subtle energies consciously, we need to train our brains to function in a more balanced way and allow the information from the subconscious right-brain to filter in to our conscious awareness. Seeing the world entirely through the rational mind means that we are missing out on 93% of our mental activity and the information being processed there.

Since the material world is the result of all the energies that come before it, learning to sense energies can teach you a lot about cause and effect. Nothing is random, all physical matter has an energetic cause.


We are continuously receiving energies from the external world (like other people’s thoughts, electromagnetic radiation, and sound for example) and our internal life (like our own emotions, memories, and thoughts). These signals are received through the nervous system, bodily organs, cells, and subtle bodies.

Your body, along with the other layers (dimensions) of your energy system record the energies of your experience and store them as memory. The energy pattern will maintain its structure, form, and content until it is transformed.

The stored energy patterns continue to influence you.Some energies will be life supporting, while others will be painful and can interfere with your success and happiness.

Your entire being is a record of energy patterns. Your personal experiences are stored in your body, subtle fields, and the energy pattern of your soul. You may have heard of the sum total of all memory across all space and time called the “Akashic Record.”

This record is the sum total of all expressed energies of all events and experiences that have taken place in the collective consciousness. The energy pattern of your soul is like your individual akashic record. Your deeds, thoughts, and emotions will transform the energy pattern of your soul and quality of your consciousness.


You can hold energy patterns on any dimension of your energy system, at any point in time. Any energy pattern that is causing a problem for you becomes the target of energy healing. There are different kinds of energy patterns, and they are held in different part of your energy system.


Every moment is made of energy. A memory is like a holographic photograph of a moment in time.

The energy pattern of your personal memories are the energetic records of your experiences.

The energies of the environment, circumstances, people, emotions, thoughts etc that were part of your experience become an energetic information package that you store.

The components of this information package include the external and internal events of your experience. For example, the sound of ocean waves or your sister’s laughter were the external experiences. Your personal emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts are the internal events.

Even if the cause of the energy is external, you are the one receiving the information pattern. The energy is lighting up in your nerves, brain, and subtle bodies. So you could say that all experiences are made up of your energy.

If a memory was traumatic, the different parts of the memory may be stored separately from each other, so we can’t recall the event clearly and we feel disorganised and confused internally. The memory may hold incoherent emotional energy, mental energy, and astral energy (for example). You can transform the energy of any memory.

Healing is the process of turning pathological or destructive energy into constructive energy patterns, dissolving the pathological energy, or discharging it from your own system.



Energy can be transformed from one state into another with energy work. Energy can also be transmitted from one person to another. Energy is information, therefore the transfer of energy is the transfer of information.

The transfer of energy from one person to another can result in subconscious blocks that disrupt the healthy functioning of your energy system and negatively impact the way that you think and feel throughout the day.

An engramme is a kind of energetic ‘stamp’ that disrupts the natural structure of your energies.

A program is a believe system or thought matrix that can override your personal thoughts. For example, we can absorb the program that we are clumsy and behave this way if we hear repeatedly as children “You are so awkward, there you go again falling over!”

You can also receive the energy patterns of another person’s emotions, thoughts, or memories into your energy field. For example, energy can be transferred from your mother onto you if as a child you took a spill and she panicked. The energy of her panic may have been transferred into your subtle fields. Although you are not the creator of that energy pattern, it can be transferred to you and then you can feel its effects.


Emotions are energy patterns. Each emotion has a particular energy pattern. Emotion has a valence (it can feel positive or negative) and an intensity (it can be subtle or strong).

Thoughts and emotions are energy waves. When you think a thought, you are creating energy patterns.

These patterns do not simply ‘go away’ after you forget about them. The energy patterns you create may even stay in and around your body and will continue to influence you.

On the low range of emotions, are lust, jealousy, envy, fear, apathy, shame. Onthe higher range we have neutrality, willingness, gratitude, and joy. Our emotions and thoughts correspond to hormones, neurotransmitters, and physiological processes. Some are healthy, and others cause damage if held over a long period time.

We can be conscious of some of our emotions, and unaware of others. We can be comfortable or uncomfortable with certain emotions, and emotions themselves can also feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Emotional energy can be transformed with psychotherapy, and it can also be cleared from your fields with energy healing.

The emotional field is the space where we experience and process emotional energy. We can be aware of the emotional field, disconnected from it, compartmentalise it, be numb to it, or aware of it.

If you are healing from a painful and confusing child-hood, struggle with chronic anxiety, feelings of depression, relationship stress, dealing with intense anger, or feelings of low-self worth – learning to work with the energy of emotions and thoughts can help you.

The mental field is where we experience and work with mental energy. You can work with mental energy in psychotherapy for example by identifying and transforming certain ways of thinking.

You can also use energy work to clear your mental field from incoherent or negative thought energy patterns. There is also a chance that an entity with corresponding energy may attach to your energies and encourage more of the same in order to grow. You can use energy work to clear these entities as well.

The mental field can become cluttered with all the thoughts and mental chatter that we generate in a day.

Similarly, our emotional field can become muddy and low energy when it fills up with negative or sorrowful emotions. These energies can be our own, or picked up from the surroundings. Either way, it’s good energetic hygiene to clear these fields every morning and evening.


This exercise is designed to clear your mental and emotional fields of incoherent energy patterns. This can be refreshing and give a sense of calm and spaciousness. You can practice this several times a day, and doing this at least before bed after a day of thinking and feeling is highly recommended!

The emotional and mental fields will hold the energy patterns of your thoughts and emotions, as well as the information that corresponds with mental and emotional energy (for example an energy transfer of emotional energy from someone you brushed by on your way to work).

Warning: Before working with energy centres directly, I highly recommend working with the energetic fields. It is much safer to clear a field than to dive into the core of an energy centre, which if done aggressively or haphazardly can cause serious imbalances.


  • In a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.
  • Allow your awareness to fall gently on your heart. Connect with your pure heart energy and take a few more breathes. Then while staying connected with your heart energy, tune your focus into your emotional field. This will tune your vibration and consciousness correctly for the energy work.
  • Set your intention to neutralize and transmute the form structure and content of the pollution in your emotional field without harm to yourself or your surroundings. Then state that you will also transmute all remnant frequencies and radiations (meaning that any debris or left over energies will also be dealt with at the end).
  • Imagine a white light emerging in your emotional field, like a bright and vibrant mist of energy that becomes brighter, stronger, and more fully permeates your field.
  • Your intention is already coded into the white light which is your energy, with the stated intentions made above. You can make this statement internally or out loud, whichever you prefer.
  • See the white light purifying and cleaning your field entirely. Allow the white light to do its work. When the job is done, you may spontaneously take a deep breath. You might simply feel more space, calm, or quiet internally. Your body might just be more relaxed. You may also feel the energies moving and changing as the clearing work is taking place.
  • At the end of the clearing, you will intend to transmute all remnant frequencies and radiations (this means that you are clearing up any residual energetic debris from the process).
  • Take a nice deep breath.

After clearing work, it is important to heal the field because there may be tears and spaces where the incoherent energy patterns once were.


Reconnect with your heart and then with the new frequency of your emotional field. Set the intention to heal your field and fill it with your heart energy. This will restructure the energies to a coherent pattern.

This procedure can be repeated with every layer of your energy system one by one. To clear the mental field, repeat the steps above however with the statement to work with your mental field. Try this with the ethericfield as well 🙂 If you are working with multiple fields, remember to balance and align your fields after each clearing.


  • . After clearing your fields, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • . Connect with your heart.
  • . Your heart is your “anchor” and will provide the reference point for your alignment and balance.
  • Imagine that your consciousness is centred in the centre of your heart. You can visualise a spark of light in the centre of your heart to assist you.
  • Now be gently aware of your energy fields, and intend to align and balance them. You can state “align and balance” and then allow your fields to follow your heart based command.


In addition to the heart connection method described above you can practice grounding.


GROUNDING: This technique will help your body to discharge positive ions and accumulate negative ions. This heals and balances the etheric and physical level, however you will notice that you are more emotionally balanced and have a less messy mind when you have discharged physiological stress. You can even do this when you feel emotionally imbalanced to restore coherence.

Place your bare feet on the ground or sit on the ground with natural cloth only to ground and balance your energies. Having a shower or being near moving water like the ocean or a river can have a simliar same effect. Sleep issues, stress, pain, and issues with elevated cortisol have been shown to improve following connection with the ions on the surface of the Earth.


Ancestral memory is the information that is passed down the genetic line from one generation to the next. The emotions, fears, resistance, or certain patterns of behaviour that you are having to deal with today, may not have originated with you.

They may actually be the unresolved energies carried across your ancestry.

The experiences of your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother for example can be passed down as energy patterns.

If your great-grandfather survived a war, you may have an emotional memory of what it’s like to be involved in the intensity of a battle field, or feel strain around rationing foods without ever having experienced starvation.

Certain emotional states that feel out of context or “random” may be the result of still active ancestral memory.


Entities are beings made of subtle energy. Very often they are made from etheric, astral, emotional or mental energies. They can exist as distortion patterns in your subtle fields (ie: parasites) or inside of a body (ie: possession).

Unlike conscious humans, most entities have no evolutionary path of their own. Any kind of intrusion from an entity is a violation of your sovereign being. Think of it like an intruder coming into your home uninvited.

Clearing an entity from your field can often be simple.


  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Allow your consciousness to connect with your heart.
  • See a spark of light in the centre of your heart, and allow your consciousness to connect with this spark.
  • Take a few more breathes and relax into the connection with your heart.
  • Allow your muscles and mind to relax, and connet with your heart and the spark of light.
  • When you feel a good connection, begin to expand the spark of light (your heart energy) around you like an egg-shaped field of energy. See the light permeating your body and fields entirely. Continue to expand the field until you sense that you have surrounding your entire energy system.
  • This light represents your territory.
  • Make the statement from your heart that you are sovereign in this space, and that all foreign energies are unwelcome and intruding. Scan your field for the entity, and when you can sense it lock on. Repeat the statement, and give it the option to leave and go into the light to be destroyed, to return to its corresponding dimension, or to be destroyed. If the entity does not leave your field under these conditions, you can proceed to clear the entity.
  • Generate heart energy and direct it at the entity. You can visualise white light, pink light, golden light or another frequency that you intuitively sense will clear the entity. You may also use sound, the frequency of elements, plants, or minerals, for example. Intend to transmute the entity entirely as well as any residual frequencies and radiations. After the entity is cleared, heal your field as described above in the emotional clearing technique. Remember, although you are clearing an entity do this process with love consciousness.



Negative experience, thoughts, conclusions, emotions can be crystallised into the energy pattern of our soul in a past life, and continue to play into this one.

Healing past life trauma works similarly to healing this life’s wounds. What’s important is to identify and deal with the core issue.

An example of how a core issue from a past life can affect this life, is that someone may have been killed in a past life for ‘saying the wrong thing.’ In this life, there is an intense fear of speaking one’s mind with not rational cause. There are times as well when childhood experiences mirror the imprints of past life wounds. This is not punishment, or even ‘chosen’ by the person between incarnations (in my opinion) but simply the result of holographic laws.

You may have already learned about the concept of “resonance” from the law of attraction. It is that like vibration attracts like vibration. Your memories from this life and past are points of attraction, according to their vibrations.

Some of us made unsavoury choices in past lives, or made choices that lead to negative circumstances. The dynamics of these experiences will show up in this life so that we can heal and correct them. For example, we may need to learn the lesson of courage, self-reliance, compassion, or equality.

Themes of power and control, independence, scarcity and abundance may be showing up over and over again in this life. If the emotion is strong, and the problem is persistent there may be an aspect of your consciousness from a past life that requires healing attention. Energy is timeless, while our memory of past life is sometimes scanty!

Energy work with past lives can include soul retrieval, energy healing, and shadow work. In some cases, you may have made a ‘dark contract’ that needs to be cleared. There may be programs between you and another person, or a karmic knot that needs to be resolved. The key with past life healing is the transformation of your personal energies into a higher vibrant state, and a stronger state of self-sovereignty. The result is a more developed consciousness and a higher vibration.


When people gather in groups, their individual energy fields combine to create a collective group field, like waves combining as the ocean. The individual energy fields of family members, strangers sitting on a train together, or friends out for dinner, form a collective field of energy. This field can be imprinted with the new experiences that the group has together.

Historical events are carried as energy patterns in the collective human consciousness. When people are traumatized together in a group, the energy of the trauma can be imprinted into the collective field and may form a bond across lifetimes until it is healed.

The collective field is encoded with the information of the gathered individuals. The information of individual energy fields can be transferred or shared among the individuals within the collective field. We respond to the energies of the collective field according to the principle of resonance, destructive interference and constructive interference.

The information that is resonant to all people in the group will activate. For example, if all the people at a concert carry the wound of powerlessness, the frequency of “powerlessness” will be amplified by this particular group.

clearing energy block

A common response to feeling powerless is anger, and is the music at the concert is “angry” it is possible that a riot is triggered by the music as people are activated according to resonance and interference. In contrast, a common intention in a collective healing meditation can amplify the positive intention of the group field.

Collective Consciousness

There is also a collective consciousness also known as the ‘noosphere’ – this is the collective library of information that belongs to a species. For example, human beings share a noosphere, dolphins share their own according to dolphin consciousness, and so on for dogs, apes, wasps etc.

Carl Jung discussed the collective unconscious of humanity, as a field of information from which individuals “download” information about archetypal roles into their personal consciousness.



Every action that you take transforms your personal energies. Actions that align with life are progressive (stablegrowth for you and others), while transgressive actions are those that create chaos, incoherence, and ultimatelyself-destruction. This is the true meaning of karma and law of attraction. It has nothing to do with punishment and reward, but rather cause and effect according to your personal energies.

The true meaning of healing, is restoring your energies to a whole, healed, and coherent state. Energy can cause destruction and chaos, or promote life and growth.

Actions that support life are progressive, energies that support life are progressive, and consciousness that supports life is progressive. Negative energy is destructive to life, regresses consciousness, and contributes to chaos. Simply put, negative energy destroys and positive energy creates.

The energy pattern of the soul is vibrational. The experiences that we had in past lives and deeds that we did are also programmed into the energy pattern of our soul. If we enacted and remembered high quality actions then our energy pattern will hold a higher vibration. If we made mistakes or remained unhealed, we need to heal and correct our energies.


How is it that the law of attraction seems to work against you no matter how many positive affirmations you make?

The faster and purer your personal energy, the higher you can raise your vibration. A higher vibration means higher consciousness. If you can raise your vibration to the sixth dimension, you can experience the energies in that dimension, and you have also expanded your consciousness into the 6th dimension.

Attraction works according vibrational resonance. Like attracts like. Your life experience will most likely be the result of your personal energies, whether you are conscious of them or not. Thoughts and emotions are energies, and so are memories.

If you are holding memories in an unhealed state, negative beliefs, or unhealed wounds these will be points of attraction. When you become conscious of your negative thoughts, memories, and emotions, you can resolve them and raise your vibration. When you clear entities, resolve karmic knots, and dissolve ancestral trauma, you are also raising you vibration.

Consciousness is a field of intelligence and awareness.

When you meditate, you bring your attention to your inner world. Your consciousness is the field of awareness upon which you experience this world.

When you reflect on your mental life, you have expanded your consciousness beyond your mental plane, and so are able to perceive the information in there. You can expand your consciousness into your spiritual plane, beyond the emotional, astral, and mental level of perception.

Consciousness corresponds to vibration. When you have a ‘higher’ state of consciousness, you are also holding a ‘higher vibration.’ Dialing in to higher dimensions of reality, is the same thing as raising your vibration, and the same thing as expanding your consciousness. If you want to ‘see’ and experience the energies within a higher vibrational frequency band of reality, (a higher dimension), then you need to raise the vibration of your consciousness to the same vibration.

What keeps your consciousness low and your vibration low? The quality of your energy. Everything is energy, including your thoughts, emotions, memories, and physical body. This is why”law of attraction’ teachings will request that you focus positively and with positive energy on the outcome that you desire to create. When you focus this way, you are raising your own vibration.

There are other ways to do this (for example prayers, blessings, affirmations, mantras generate a vibrational row of a high frequency. When you are generating the statement, or being exposed to it, you are corresponding your consciousness, energies, and nervous system (electric energy) with the vibration of the blessing. This will pull you up into a higher vibration.

Another way to do this, which is more natural is to raise your vibration by purifying yourself of lower frequency energies. Many of these ‘low quality’ energies are held subconsciously in our minds and bodies. Our bodies are often storing traumatic memories, and their energies, which pulls our vibration down.

If there is a need to constantly work hard at maintaining a high vibratory state (a high state of consciousness) that could mean that there are internal anchors constantly pulling you down. Identifying these and clearing and healing them, can help you to raise your vibration so that you are naturally in a state of higher awareness.


Developmental Trauma is what happens when you experience an emotional, mental, or spiritual injury.

This injury alters the course of your development from a stable process to an unstable one. A toxic womb or toxic home can create painful psychological and spiritual patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating to yourself and other people. The hallmark of developmental trauma is so called “untreatable” depression and anxiety.

The catch all qualifier for developmental trauma is growing up in an emotionally toxic environment. This teaches us to judge and reject aspects of our natural personality, and turns us against ourselves.

Developmental trauma can happen when as children we receive confusing or mixed messages from our caregivers, when we are chronically misunderstood, when we are overly controlled and our boundaries are not respected, or when we are frequently rejected or criticized for being ourselves. This can include physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse, as well as neglect.

The neglectful experiences are often harder to spot. What you could be feeling is that there is something terribly wrong with you, but you can’t pinpoint what that is. This is a sign of an emotional wound rooted in developmental trauma.


Very often we forget the experiences that wounded us. It is not always necessary to remember the experience, however it is necessary to heal the energy. If not, the energy of the experience and the energy of the wound will continue to activate within us. This is sometimes called a ‘trigger.”

Inner child work, psychotherapy, and energy healing are all excellent tools to heal developmental trauma and recover your true identity. Developmental trauma can be held in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and astral bodies. It can also interfere with the connection to our spiritual awareness and higher states of consciousness.

The energetic information of painful memories can be expressed by the body as panic attacks, fear, explosive anger, physical ailments, feelings of emptiness, disconnection, and depression for example. This is because the energy of the emotions, thoughts, and autonomic energy (survival instincts) of the traumatising moment are active until they are cleared and healed.

The autonomic energy of the body and emotional energy needs to be discharged, the emotional wounds need to be healed, and painful ways of relating to self and others can be cleared. Healing developmental trauma is a process of multi-dimensional self-discovery.

Rachel is a psychotherapistsoul path coach, and energy healer practising in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and remotely online. Formally trained in Social Work (BSW, MSW) and Psychology (BA), Rachel integrates spiritual awareness and clairvoyance into psychotherapy and inner work. This enables her to practice in tune to your soul and provide healing facilitation on higher levels than conventional healing modalities.

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