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How Holographic Energy Healing Works with Psychotherapy

Energy work can support emotional healing, and integrates easily into the process of psychotherapy. Other energy work may be used to heal the energy bodies.

Energy work can help to lift out the root cause of psychological struggles where this has been difficult to access or heal with talking therapy alone.

  • Negative emotions can pollute your energy field and continue to affect you, amplifying the negative emotional experience
  • Memories are stored within the energy field as energy patterns and unless they are cleared will continue to be active
  • Negative cliches with the surrounding environment can cause you to become caught up and attached to negative patterns of interacting with people in your surroundings
  • Memories can be stored as systems and create negative blocks in the mental, astral, or other fields of your energy system
  • Clearing entities and other foreign energetic attachments and structures

What You can Expect from an Holographic Energy Healing Session with Rachel

Every session includes testing and assessment of your energy system to determine its overall health and starting place for energy work.

Your goal may be to clear a negative block, resolve a negative pattern, improve your mood.

You may also be interested in learning more about your personal energies and develop your ability to heal your energy fields and system.

  • Depending on your individual request and assessment, the healing session may include the following treatments:
  • Repair and restoration of the energy pattern of your energy system
  • Clearing, neutralising, and transmutation of negative energies and imprints across all dimensions of your individuated consciousness stream
  • Heal & Balance Energy Centres (Chakras)
  • Heal and Balance Subtle Bodies
  • Clear Psychic Attack, entities, dark interference, old contracts
  • Discharge stress, traumatic stress, clear interference patterns
  • Healing the biohologram of your organs, organ systems, glands (including pineal, pituitary, pineal, and thymus/chakra/energy centres)
  • Support emotional stability and positivity, clear wave patterns and root causes of subjective and objective negative ideas, thoughts, memories
  • Learn Energy Self-Healing Techniques

“Rachel is a highly skilled and deeply compassionate energy healer who takes her clients’ health and wellbeing to heart. After several years of seeing her, I have found all of her energy work to be effective in clearing blockages, working through past trauma, and restoring overall health. I have had many types of sessions with her and have found them all to be helpful, whether they were face-to-face in person, online via Skype, or work she has completed remotely based on my descriptions of issues I’ve been experiencing. Rachel has a way of addressing and explaining complex issues that has provided me with many practical applications in my life, especially the ability to gain a deeper understanding of how I relate to the energetic world. I am deeply appreciative of the positive effects this work has had in my life and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach, spiritual advisor, or energy worker.”  – Peter D.

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Discover how energy healing in Sydney Northern Beaches and Distance Healing can help you to release negative blocks, clear negative energy, and heal from anxiety, depression, and trauma/cptsd

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The Benefits of Holographic Energy Healing

Our own negative thoughts and emotions are scalar waves that can pollute us. These are negative interference patterns, that make it more difficult to experience joy, gratitude, and inner balance.

Emotional blocks and mental blocks can develop through negative life experiences, and these blocks correspond to energetic blocks in the subtle bodies and energy currents of the subtle bodies.

Energy work can clear the unwanted external signals (eg: negative thought and emotions of other people, birth curses, geopathic stress) in order to stop the negative impact these pathological frequencies can have on emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.

Energy therapy is beautiful as a stand-alone service for achieving rejuvenation, emotional balance, personal development, and spiritual growth. A helpful addition to psychotherapeutic work.

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The physical body (and all physical matter) represents only 7% of existence. This is because 93 % of the universe is made of energy, and only 7% of the universe is made of particles.

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being who exists within the quantum non-locality (hologram), which we call the reality field, which is composed of 93% energy.

Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual disease therefore occur primarily within the 93% range of energy fields/frequencies/vibrations of the hologram.

Interaction is creation. All experiences are interations of the energy patterns of your multi-dimensional energy system with the reality field and the other multi-dimensional beings within it.

energy healing sydney distance energy healing

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Therefore every moment in time (which is like a holographic ‘photograph’) continues to exist wtihin the quantum non-locality. You may have heard of this references as the ‘Akashic Record.”

Information (memory) is encoded into the hologram, and holds the structure and coding in which it was created. It will maintain its structure unless it is consciously transformed.

Holographic Healing means to restructure the pathogenic holographic structures that are encoded into your soul throughout your present, past, and multi-dimensional life.


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Disclaimer: The principles and techniques taught and applied are based on the personal and professional experience of the authour as a intuitive healer and psychotherapist, trained in Psychology (BA) and Social Work (MSW), and energy healing therapies. The author does not claim to be a doctor or provider of medical advice or medical treatment.

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