There are basic principles that organise the reality field and maintain order. Understanding these principles and how they work can support you to create a healthy and abundant life.

The Universe is based on energies. 93% of the universe is made of energy, and only 7% of it exists as particle/matter. Particles are collapsed waves, or concentrated energy. So really everything is energy!


All thought is matter. Energy is a (frequency) wave. Thoughts are scalar waves, so all thoughts are also energy. Thoughts don’t appear out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere. They exist as frequencies. Multiple energy waves are then a field of energy.

“Thought” is not just the mental process of your logical mind. These are the emanations of your inner world – your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your memories. Whatever you focus on, you become the generator of. Think responsibly ; )

Think a positive thought, create a healing frequency. Think a negative thought, create a destructive frequency. Blessings and curses really work on this basis. Everything is energy, and thoughts are energy matrices upon which creation occurs.


This law states “As above, so below.” The law of correspondence is about the holographic nature of the reality field.

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A hologram is created on the principle of “as above, so below” – meaning, that every tiny particle, every cell, every human being, every star – is encoded with the information of the whole.

In other words, every particle in the universe is made of the same consciousness. The law of “oneness” is implied here – we are all on a higher level connected.


(aka the Law of Vibration/Resonance)

Like attracts like. One way of understanding this is to take the example of tuning forks. Imagine three tuning forks, two of them are calibrated to 528hz, and on is calibrated to 512hz. If you hit one that is calibrated to 528hz, the other one will begin to vibrate a well because the frequency will match. The 512hz tuning fork will stay still.

Another way to think of this is that atoms vibrate (oscillate). They oscillate at different rates. Similar oscillation rates will be drawn to each other. It’s not so much “attraction” as it is resonance.

Frequencies and vibrations that “match” will light each other up and become apparently active in the same time/space to our 3D perception.

This is also why what you resist persists. Anything that you put your energy into avoiding, will appear. If you focus on it to receive it, or if you focus on it to reject it – focus is focus. The moment you think about a flower, or your mother, of peace, or anger – you are structuring yourself according to that thought and causing those vibrations.

The Law of Cause and Effect

(aka Karma or the Boomerang Principle)

Basically, You reap what you sow. Plant good seeds with good deeds.  Whatever you put out in terms of action, intention, thought, and emotion will return to you amplified. 

Every cause has an effect. When you focus on your heart, you cause the effect of healing.When you focus on resentment, you case the effect of damage.

The more adherent you are to the principles of life in your thoughts and deeds, the more growth and alignment you experience. This leads to stable change and personal growth.

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The common theme among these principles is that everything is energy, including you – and all energies exist as one big field. In other words, everything is connected in the energy field, and you matter as a part of the field.

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Rachel is a psychotherapist and energy healer practising in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and remotely online. Formally trained in Social Work (BSW, MSW) and Psychology (BA), Rachel integrated spiritual awareness into psychotherapy and inner work. This enables her to practice in tune to your soul and provide healing facilitation on higher levels than conventional healing modalities.

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