Making Progress with Spiritual Awareness || The Pendulum Principle

Sometimes will power is actually working against you, and building more resistance into the that shift you want to make. Knowing about the Pendulum Principle, and recognizing when this spiritual law that is blocking your success will ensure that you know what to do when it's time to make progress! If you are noticing … Continue reading Making Progress with Spiritual Awareness || The Pendulum Principle

Soul Level Healing watch 🪷 Soul Growth || Soul Level Healing || Incarnational & Karmic Healing 🪷 probably you will find that if you've already been path for quite some time, maybe you didn't language it quite this way or recognize how deep of a healing you are actually having… The soul is different from the Energy … Continue reading Soul Level Healing


An extra-sensory look at the form of depression and channelled insights for healing depression, With Love and Care 💛 Block Clearing, Psychic Surgery, Energy Coaching, Esoteric Coaching, Ancestral Healing, Karmic Healing, Heart based healing (cPTSD, Developmental Trauma, Inner Child Work, Trauma Release Therapy, Psychotherapeutic Energy Healing, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Soul Retrieval) #spiritualhealing #spiritualenergy #energycoaching … Continue reading CHANNELLED INFORMATION || SPIRITUAL, ELEMENTAL, AND EMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF HEALING DEPRESSION

How to Heal when you Feel Stuck 

(YOU can read the article below or watch the video Here: ) Many people who have been on the journey, on this path of healing for a long long time can get stuck on or caught up in one particular thing. Is you've been working on a particular emotional wound, or you've been stuck … Continue reading How to Heal when you Feel Stuck 

Post-Traumatic Growth

Resilience is the ability to recover and adapt to a stressor. Stresses can be physical (like an injury), and they can also be psychological (like a traumatic event). When a bone breaks and heals, the healed area grows back knitting together to be stronger than it was before the break. Similarly, when we heal a … Continue reading Post-Traumatic Growth

How to connect with your intuition

The inner guide is a natural part of every human being. It can be hard to hear your intuition with many other voices getting in the way. Worry, judgment, ruminating thoughts... all kinds of mental noise can create blocks to hearing your intuition. Try this quick and simple technique to clean up the mental noise … Continue reading How to connect with your intuition

Messages from your soul

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Your Soul FIELD

There is a deeper reality to who you are, beyond the daily. You are more than your tasks. It just feels a certain way to be you. This essence is hard to explain, and has been a part of you since you can recall. You might call this your soul. The soul is a multi-layered … Continue reading Your Soul FIELD

The 3 Masks of Fear

Fear is a trickster! It wears many different masks, making it hard to detect. When fear goes unnoticed, it can seep into life and alter the way that you feel, think, and choose without you even realizing it. This can cause problems in your relationships, for your inner peace, and the kind of life you … Continue reading The 3 Masks of Fear