Metaphysics 101 – Decoding Daily Life (How We Create Reality)

Understanding the metaphysics that govern the reality field can help you access the deeper meaning of everyday problems and situations. This can greatly enhance personal development and healing.

Our reality field is created from energy. The physical world that we see is the by-product of energy patterns (waves). The situations that we experience are also the result of the energies that come before.

These principles provided below explain the principles of manifestation and creation (aka the rules that energy follows). This is how to decipher how you have created your reality (remember, not always consciously!) and what to do if you’ve created something that you don’t like.

Action Equals Counteraction

Whatever you resist will persist. Have you ever noticed how the harder you insist on your point being right in an argument, the greater the resistance from your “opponent?”

Push back at a situation with force, and watch it push back just as hard as you do. It’s only when you relax internally and face the circumstance or the person without resistance, accept the situation or the person as it is that things loosen up and you can find your way through gracefully.

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Mirror Principle

In psychological terms, the mirror principle is called “projection.” Whatever you see in others that you dislike, could be a quality about yourself that you haven’t totally seen yet.

If you find yourself judging on a certain theme, take a moment to self-reflect: What is it that I am judging (you always, they never, she’s so…) and take a moment to investigate if you always, never, so…. Resolving that within you can take away the irritation when you see it in others.

Law of Attachment

Don’t get stuck to anything as dogma, idols, or capital T “truth.” Anything that you become attached to may go away. Enjoy your abundance, your beliefs, your circumstances, but don’t get attached to them or make false idols.

Whether it’s a relationship, a career, status, fortune, certain knowing…The big picture of your life is much more important than attachments.

Boomerang Principle

What goes around comes around. Anything that you project to others will come back at you. Show kindness, and watch it return.

Throw darts, and watch out! If you notice that your day has been filled with a series of minor accidents and near misses, take a moment to centre.

Quantity Becomes Quality

Gradual accumulation. Rising and falling (spiritually speaking) are the results of steady efforts. What you do will become who you are. Steal once – not a thief. Steal everyday all day…well you get the idea.

Pendulum Principle

Chronic situations that swing back and forth from positive to negative are following the pendulum principle. This is often fuelled by judgement. Stop fuelling the situation with judgement, resistance, striving – and the situation will resolve.

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Good Will Principle

Natural life is based on free will and well being. Suffering could be a sign that something internal has gone off course. Go within, look towards your own light, and ask how to correct things for the greater good.


The ideas of “good” vs “bad”, “should” vs “should not” are actually arbitrary categories. From the bigger picture these categories do not exist. They have no true significance and need to be transcended.

This principle is best kept in mind and in heart, so as not to create internal resentment, judgement, negativity. However, when dealing with the 3D nature of things prioitise your safety and well being, considering always what is the correct action for everyone involved.

This article is part II of linked here. Where the four following principles are elaborated upon.

The Law of Mentalism

All thought is material.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Also known as Karma. Your life becomes what is becomes through your thoughts and your deeds – you reap what you sow.

The Law of Attraction

Similars attract. This is also known as resonance or the law of vibration.

The Law of Correspondence

Also known as the holographic principle (as above, so below). Within every cell is contained the blueprint of the entire universe, and versus.

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Rachel is a psychotherapistsoul path coachtrauma release practitioner, and energy healer practising in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and remotely online. Formally trained in Social Work (BSW, MSW) and Psychology (BA), Rachel integrated spiritual awareness into psychotherapy and inner work. This enables her to facilitate your healing on deep levels of root causes.

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