How to heal the Inner Child

Being Human is not easy! Especially as children. The heart can be wounded or neglected, and as a result we develop defences to protect ourselves from future pain. Although it serves us to do this in the moment, over time we lose connection with our core being, feel lost without its guidance and empty without its energy. This disconnection becomes habit and a way of living that we just ‘get used to.’ 

We often don’t realise that the negative blocks, emotions, and unwanted patterns in our lives are the result of unconscious childhood fragments (wounded inner children).

Healing these fragments can resolve anxiety, depression, insecurity, emptiness, feeling lost, and a host of emotional and spiritual life challenges.

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When emotional life is healthy, it acts as a bridge to our core being. Until the age of 7 years old, a child experiences life primarily through felt sense and emotion. This allows a child to see, sense, hear, feel, and know who they are at a core level. It also means that emotion is one of the primary languages of childhood.

However, children need guidance to navigate and master their emotional life. When they are attacked, rejected, criticised, ignored, neglected, put down, overwhelmed, abandoned, betrayed for showing their needs, boundaries, and emotions – their sense of safety, self, and belonging are wounded.

In order to cope with these painful experiences children will suppress, deny, disown, and reject their emotions and wounds, and as a result suppress, deny, disown, and reject themselves.

This is called Fragmentation and often leads to feelings of depression, anxiety, emptiness, overwhelm, conflict, and a struggle to feel content in the deeper purpose and meaning of our life. This is beautifully healed through the essential process of Integration.

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Emotional wounding in childhood causes us to feel internally divided and incomplete. We don’t know who we are, what we think, what we feel, what truly matters to us. Instead, we know how we should be, what we should feel, what we should think, and what we don’t.

To resolve feelings of anxiety, depression,Although the body has matured into its adult form with the passage of time, the unresolved wounds of the past are held within as energies that radiate the frequencies of the wound.

This energy stays in place because the wound has not been processed. This trapped energy is part of a fragment of our own consciousness that is stuck in that unhealed moment. Essentially, this is what an inner child is. Healing our inner children allows us to Integrate.

In the same way that an infection blocks a wound from healing, these trapped energies block us from forming a wholesome consciousness. Fragmentation makes us feel lost, stuck, anxious, low, and empty. Integration allows us to feel our natural states of purpose, ease, strength, and balance.

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When our emotional life is well guided, we become emotionally and spiritually healthy children, adults, parents, and grandparents. Inner child work is a beautiful way to restore wholeness. It is a perfect tool for healing, and ultimately it is a doorway into spiritual awakening.


Get the tools, information, and guided sessions to become your own healer. In this 2 hour live workshop, we will cover:

spiritual healing

  • The Energetics of Healing
  • How the pysche and body store information
  • Reconnect with the inner child and learn how to communicate intuitively
  • Guided release of unconscious blocks
  • Clearing the trapped energy of negative emotion
  • Resolve the inner conflicts and self-sabotage
  • Telling the difference between intuition and the wounded inner child
  • Healing processes & demonstrations to work with energetic walls, wounds, and resolve those feelings of emptiness, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.

You get to ask questions live, experience your healing transformation on the spot, and add important healing skills to your healing journey.

Next Event: June 9th, 2020 @ 6:00 PM Sydney Australia Time


Rachel is a spiritual psychotherapist, energy healer, and spiritual empowerment teacher. Her goal is to provide you with the information and presence you need to heal your past, restore your natural ease of being, and self-actualise.

Contact: contact@freedomhealingcentre.com.au

Phone: 0426 113 757

Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/mhvHH8j8fjht

International: Email or Skype message to organise a call back and avoid long distance charges.

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