From Crisis Burnout to Progress & Power

Burnout is a term used to explain the low mood, low energy, and low feelings that come from prolonged psychological stress. It might be hard to admit, but if you have been fatigued, agitated, or just simply numb for a while now, you could be in crisis burnout.

Burn out can show up as feeling like you don’t care anymore because there is no energy to care, losing routines that were once healthy for you, feeling robotic in a routine that you don’t have energy to break free from, withdrawal, junky habits to comfort or soothe, feeling powerless or helpless to change things or to see a positive outcome.

Many factors can contribute to burn out. One of them is the “unknown.” When you don’t see an end in sight, it can unconsciously become easier to shut down.

Pretending like everything is ok or normal when it isn’t can cause long term problems.

It’s ok to just name it, and say “this is hard” or “I’m scared” or “I can’t cope”. The energy used to fight against these thoughts and feelings is just not worth the spend. Be honest with yourself, and this will open you to new possibilities.

Isolation… Whether you are alone physically, or feel isolated from other people by difference of opinion or values, isolation adds to feelings of burn out. Human beings are naturally social creatures, even shy or introverted people enjoy a certain level of companionship and closeness. It’s security. Feeling isolated adds to feelings of distress, and this ongoing distress can lead to burn out.

The paralysis that burn out creates, can stop you feeling progress and power. The nourished, alive, and thriving feelings that growth provides can be re-established in many ways. Ask yourself – what is important to me now? You might find that this question helps you focus on something that sparks a feeling of possibility.

Where can you introduce joy? This might sound trite or even minimising to the circumstances, but as human beings we all need joy. We need nourishment, spiritually and emotionally. What brings this to you? How can you create that in a time of need? Do you want to connect, to communicate, to share, to create…find the places where you can make a healthy shift and show your soul.

Take a good look at where you are hurting, what you need both physically and emotionally for your health, pay attention your emotional and spiritual needs. You might want a new routine or ritual, a change of pace or scenery, intimacy with a loved person, just to connect with yourself for real…

When in crisis, it is common that the vulnerabilities become bigger. “cracks become crates” as they say. This is true on an individual level and on a societal level. Families that struggle with conflict, experience more conflict when something is challenging their system. People who have a hard time trusting themselves, are even more challenged during a time of crisis. Anxious people become more anxious.

But not to worry. It’s like this…maybe you need support somehow, you take a look at where you are having a hard time. Take stock in a way, be honest, but be gentle. Where does it hurt, and what can you add or subtract to make things better or improved.

Old wounds, especially from childhood can become aggravated when the world around is in upheaval.

Feeling powerless or out of control for a long while, can cause you to forget your actual power. You have gifts, and skills, and sight that can see you through and benefit others. You might be feeling extra powerless, because you are being reminded of how you once were. This can be healed when looked at through caring eyes.

Experiences of your own positive doing will help too. Remember your creativity.

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