New Service for your Soul Healing

In addition to healing sessions and personal consultation, I am now condensing the healing benefit of a live session into a channelled written report.

Written readings are for your unanswered questions about blocks, relationships, situations, and pains that you want to release and resolve.

My goal is to help you to complete the blocks and wounds that hold you uncomfortably in place. A channelled reading can access the hidden information that you need to move upward, and help you to release the unwanted ‘stuff’ causing pain or block.

These readings will help you to organise and consolidate yourself, and to feel more empowered or energised as a result.

The information in a reading is given in collaboration with your soul, so the answer to your question, challenge, or pain comes also from your soul level, and is intended for your soul progression.

What’s Included

Written reports are 3-6 pages long (for one question) and 5-10 pages (for three questions). The overall length of the report depends on how much information is stored in your field, and how much your soul is wanting to convey.

Aftercare is included with the report.

I am making a special offer now of a 3 question reading for $50 until May 21st.  Channelled reports are normally available for $50AUD (1 question) and $90AUD (3 questions). 

To make your booking click the link below, and select the “single question reading.” Just mention this offer in the form and include your three questions to hold your place in line. 

Reports come back in 3-5 days from the day they are ordered.   

With Care, 


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