Fear is real only when our bodies, beliefs and emotions support it. Fear requires agreement. Without the often false or narrow beliefs that fear uses to exist, without the physical sensations, it cannot really hold. Fear only exists when we agree to be afraid. And it poisons our mind, body, and emotional life to make us sign the fear contract.

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The key with fear is to name it. “Aha! – just fear” otherwise, we can spin out on the energy of fear. Once it’s named, we might still feel it, but we take control back over our thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes fear sticks to old emotional wounds. This of fear (which is expressed in the physical body) is also a survival instinct. It is very difficult to stay loving and reasonable when survival instincts are calling the shots. The brain changes, priorities change, and abilities change.

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Anytime that we perceive threat or danger, our survival instincts activate. We also have emotional reactions to frightening situations, like panic, overwhelm, confusion for example. When instincts and emotions activate at the same time, they knot together and create a stable block, holding fear in the body. This kind of fear can be cleared with emotional healing.

Once these blocks are cleared, it becomes easy to replace negative thoughts and emotions with nourishing ones. There are many ways to process fear, and clear it from mind, body, and soul – and the result is inner peace in hard times.

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Rachel is a spiritual psychotherapist, energy healer, and spiritual empowerment teacher. Her goal is to provide you with the information and presence you need to heal your past and self-actualise.

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