The 3 Masks of Fear

Fear is a trickster! It wears many different masks, making it hard to detect. When fear goes unnoticed, it can seep into life and alter the way that you feel, think, and choose without you even realizing it. This can cause problems in your relationships, for your inner peace, and the kind of life you experience from day to day.

There are simple checks you can make to unmask hidden fear, and find out if fear is taking over your decisions, relationships, and mood.

1) Control

Control is one of the masks of fear. When we become afraid, we can try to take over thinking that if we control danger we won’t be afraid anymore. This logic can lead us to control other people, our environment, or situations that we really have no control of, and therefore loose sight of joyful, progressive, and playful experiences that resolve fear in the first place.

2) Procrastination

Another mask that fear wears is procrastination. Putting things off, avoiding, and distracting can be a sign if fear. It’s a natural instinct to avoid something that might cause us harm. The trick is to sort out what is the thing that we are afraid to face, by NOT procrastinating. This way you can get the tools you need to deal with the fear, and get what you want.

3) Perfectionsim

Fear also wears the mask of perfectionism. When we want to be mistake free, it’s because we are afraid of what that mistake will mean. We are afraid of the consequences of mistakes or failure. Learning to embrace our true nature, helps us to unlock happiness, creativity, and ease of being – all experiences that fear can lock down.

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