Your Soul FIELD

There is a deeper reality to who you are, beyond the daily. You are more than your tasks.

It just feels a certain way to be you. This essence is hard to explain, and has been a part of you since you can recall. You might call this your soul.

The soul is a multi-layered field of intelligence, having its own feelings, needs, and desires. These are the evolutionary desires of your soul.

Feelings of disconnection, separation, boredom, numbness, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and many uncomfortable states are not just isolated emotions or ordinary negative thinking. These are signs of soul block or underdevelopment.

We are coming through an age of soul neglect, whereby the needs and wants of the soul have been ignored, repressed and denied often since childhood. I want you to know, that the traumas, obligations, routines, woundings, in between you and your soul can all be released and healed. The result of healing should not be just to ‘function’ in the routine, but to connect with and express daily your true essence – to evolve happily.

I invite you to join me for one on one healing work. To clear, resolve, and complete blocked emotions, trauma, holding patterns, childhood and developmental trauma, loss, woundings… and enjoy being you 💛

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