Green Light Life

If you are coping with a loss, transition, or unexpected changes – emotional healing and skills training can give you the tools you need to secure a permanent feeling of safety inside.

Unexpected “bad” surprises can rock our sense of certainty, safety, and security. It’s common to reach for something certain when life around us feels suddenly destabilized.

Overusing or misusing food, alcohol, relationships, work, social media, shopping, alone time, and distractions are signs of dealing with buried fear and other emotions brought on by bad news and unexpected events.

This strategy to attach to sources of comfort is well intended and can be helpful short term, but in the long run can lead to addictions, opportunity loss, anxiety, depression, and a general pause on life.

It’s not easy to feel like you’ve lost control. If you can feel how attachment is throwing you off course in life, you may be ready to make a cleansing change.

There is a big difference between attaching to sources of comfort, and feeling naturally secure. Grounding is a skill that counter acts attachment, and helps you to access your natural strength and stability. Grounding can be learned easily often in only one hour.

Psychotherapy and guided coaching can give you the tools to ground in the face of any storm, so that you can feel secure and clear to move forward in life.

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