We all want to be the attuned vital force that directs Life seamlessly. We want to make clear decisions, be successful, and choose the right path for our greatest good. Often though, we feel stuck. It’s not so clear how to move forward, how to get out of the ‘trap’, or what the right choice for life is.

If you feel lost, stuck, or not in control – there are inner forces at play. You have unconsciously given some of your control to another command. If you’re not the captain of your life, something is.

If as a child you felt unsafe, like you had no voice, that you had to hide, surrender, or fight for your life…your inner guidance may still belong to these experiences. This is trauma. Bundled in with these memories are emotions, beliefs, and instincts.

Emotions colour your world, Beliefs direct your decisions, and Instincts take over your actions.

Until we handle them, these emotions, beliefs, and instincts guide us to protect ourselves from our memories. Have you ever said no to incredible opportunities? Put up with a situation that you know serves you less but struggled to find a way out? You may even have avoided circumstances that would have shown opportunity.

When trauma take the Captain’s place, the feeling of being lost creeps in because the emotions, beliefs, and instincts are driving you – not your clear and healed self, aka the real Captain.

Some signs that your Captain has been mutanied…

  • Can’t shake feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Feeling like you are going through the motions of daily life, but not really getting much out of it
  • Finding yourself in relationships where you feel out of control or unhappy, but you can’t get out of it
  • Looking for excitement for the sake of it
  • Feeling resigned to comforts
  • You may be searching for a purpose and feel like you have no compass
  • You don’t know how to trust yourself, decisions can inspire fear

You can only feel that you are off course when there is a course to follow, and that’s the voice of your Real Self calling for your reclamation.

Rachel is psychotherapist and spiritual counsellor offering services to support you in the reclamation of your authentic self. Contact me below for a free 15 minute consultation.


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