Soul Level Healing

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probably you will find that if you’ve already been

path for quite some time, maybe you

didn’t language it quite this way or

recognize how deep of a healing you are

actually having…

The soul is different from the Energy System.  

The energy system is what you’ve seen

probably in those very common charts

with the seven main centers and the

fields that are radiating from each one

of those centers and sometimes you’ll

see them with the smaller vortices and

the energy channels also included and

that’s your energy system and that is

not the same thing as your soul although

the soul is also made from subtle energy

and it it’s read out as in the same way that

you read subtle energies and when I see

the soul field of somebody for example

if we’re doing a cleansing process so if

somebody’s just healed a karmic knot or

gone through the process of digesting

metabolizing and resolving and healing a

 karmic knot then you can see that       

there’s a purification process like a         

lightning that happens in the soul body

it’s coded and programmed with different settings that relate to this person’s

Souls configuration and when you

completed a soul lesson some of the

settings will start to shift and change

and transform and you’ll see a pollutants and low frequency energies

that have clustered around some of these

settings as a result of having gone

through these lower frequency processes

in a lifetime or in several lifetimes

will start breaking down and washing

away like like a debris or like sand

being picked up in the Wind

and then you’ll see these different

layers or Fields starting to brighten up

and you might even if you’re going

through this process start to feel that

your own vibration is getting lighter

and lighter and lighter as things start

purifying and then balancing and

recalibrating according to the new

configuration that you’ve set so that’s

something that’s interesting to know

about your soul even though many of us are aspiring towards

reasonably so reconnecting with an

understanding its potential and wanting

to express its value

and evolve the soul that it’s not a

complete perfect thing already it’s

something that’s a seed and the seed is

meant to grow and to evolve and

sometimes through the process of our

Evolution through the process of our

lifetimes we make

um bad decisions so to speak and I don’t

mean in a judgmental way I just mean if

our soul wants to grow and evolve and be

on the constructive path sometimes when

there’s a fork in the road will make the

choice that takes us into the lower

vibration dip and then we’re off on that

journey and sometimes that can take

lifetimes which correspond to many

different incarnations and maybe

hundreds or thousands of years across

our space time to work out these Kinks

because we get sucked into a false path        

and then we’ll start making decisions

that correspond with the lens of that

false path and it will suck us deeper

and deeper and deeper down and then to

work our way out we have to start seeing

through the the fog and the distortions

that we’ve created on this way down so

it can be very difficult to make your

way through it and when you come to a

point of having healed and cleared this

it’s a very beautiful feeling it’s like

coming home and like everything is

starting to organize itself in the right

order because as you know we can

um adapt ourselves to these distortions

and forget what it feels like to

naturally be us we get used to the

distorted fingerprint that we’ve created

through these karmic choices through

these lower path lower frequency

vibration choices

um so healing can feel at the very

beginning or if there’s a lot of loading

or very heavy karmic knot that you’re

working off it can feel very confusing

and lost because you don’t know where

your true north actually is and that can

be tricky to figure out but if you’re

um if if you continue putting one foot

in front of the other you’ll generate

enough reference points where you’ll

start to really become much more clear

on what’s true and what isn’t and you

can also use statements statements of

will to help direct your focus so you

can ask to be shown the truth it’s a

very powerful statement to make and then

you’ll be able to sense or see or know

whatever your preferred modalities are

what the higher vibrating path is so the

way to get out of these knots or these


often is to make a decision not based on

what you think the ultimate truth of

your soul is or your perfect truth is

but what feels better which decision

feels or senses or sees itself as having

a higher vibration and then you make

that decision and that’s one step in the

right direction and then you’re faced

with another fork in the road and

another decision to make and then you

sense and feel between the two or the

three or the four however many there are

on the plate right now which one has a

higher vibration and you’re always

choosing relative to yourself so you

can’t really go wrong with it but it can

get a little bit tricky if there’s a lot

of dark magic for example or dark beings

or Essences or destructive programming       

in your system because then you’ll have

this conflict there will be the part of

you that wants to go towards the

darkness and then the other part of you

that wants to go towards the light so at

that point you need to ask to be shown

the truth

to become very still chanting home in

moments like this really helps because

that equalizes and neutralizes

everything to a cleaner balance

um you might want to check out

Homeopathy to help you with this one

also it’s a supportive process

but your heart isn’t going to lie to you

it’s just a matter of healing and

purifying yourself enough to the point

where you can actually feel and sense

and know the truth within your heart

okay this is clearly the destructive

path and this is clearly the

constructive one and then you’ll get to

choose which path you want to take and

if you still have dark principles or

dark contracts within your soul or your

Energy System you might still be tempted

towards the darkness but

um it’s up to you to choose and you can

also use statements like in the name of

the absolute I choose blah blah or in

the name of the absolute I cleanse out

blah blah blah and that’s a very

powerful way to align yourself back with

your true Essence if you are on the

constructive path so a lot of

us who are very deep in Soul work

have are Adept our Adept we know how to

work with NRG we understand what that


and in previous incarnations may have

come across some unsavory or dark beings

and made choices to align with them

unconsciously or by accident and

um and taking some dark turns and if in

this lifetime you are on a very deep

healing process or are yourself a Healer

there’s a very good chance that you are

one of these if that’s not you probably

you are on a healing path

that’s not so much about healing and

clearing light and resolving darkness

and choosing light

uh you may be more on this light

worker’s way and your work is more about

maturing your soul and maturing your

wisdom and Gathering more knowledge and

becoming more wise as you integrate and

express and weave your Soul’s Essence

into your physical practical life

so that’s about being creative and being

creative from your Soul’s Essence so

that’s also a form of Soul work and the     

things that can block us and that come

from childhood where there’s     

a conditioning

or social programming that compels us

towards conformity

rather than aligning with our truth and

expressing that so if you have fears of

being yourself or of being seen showing

who you are or living your truth when it

contradicts the the masses

then your work is about grounding into

yourself and building a deeper sense of

security in who you are and learning

about who you are so it’s more of a

study of who am I what do I like how do

I want to create who do I want to

surround myself with what kind of

environments do I enjoy your

activities do I want to participate in

and building like a Rolodex or an

encyclopedia of knowledge about you

and working away with either coaching

or healing or inner work self-work

manifestation processes to help you

trust that this is true and accurate for

you and that you can have conviction in

your path so Soul work is not only individual it’s

also Collective

so we’re also evolving in Soul  

collectives and there are those of us

whose Souls whose signatures resonate

with each other more than others and it

can it can be very collaborative and

without much friction to work with these

kinds of Souls and express and create

together but it’s also useful to work

and create with those of us who have a

different configuration because then we

can work out certain blind spots that we

have or different skills get combined so

your soul and your soul group might have

a certain set of affinities that another

one does not and that’s how it’s meant

to be and when you collaborate like this

then you can create things that are much

more complex so that’s trickier to find

the harmony but it’s also very

satisfying and beneficial to the human

Collective when these collaborations can

take place and also be successful so

there’s not only your individual path

there’s also a Collective Soul path and

a Collective Soul work for Humanity

and the more individual work you do and

purified you become with your essence the more pure and specific and   

creative your Collective work will be

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